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"Head-Crushingly Funny" - Tom Rhodes

Raj started his career in Dallas, Texas, and soon began performing all over the country. Fifteen years in and Raj has worked with some of the best comics in the business, all around the world.


Born and raised in Texas and brought up in a traditional Hindu household gave him all the influence he needed.  Raj’s style of humor can be enjoyed by anyone of any age or background.  Hilarious everyday observations combined with his upbringing and sensational crowd work is what you can expect at every show. He is also one of the curators of the ‘Weirdass Pajama’ comedy festival in India (where he is one of the biggest names in the business), taking American comics with him each year to perform in nine cities over 10 days to over 100,000 comedy fans.


Raj is not only a professional comic, but a classically trained actor and seasoned host. He'll be appearing as himself in JESTINATION UNKNOWN, a comedy travel show on Amazon (early 2018 release).

Raj is now the co-creator and co-producer of the sell-out comedy show, 'Raj Sharma Presents....', which combines stand up and charity, benefitting various foundations across the USA.

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